Our Services

What is the most important ingredient in our travel services?  You – the customer. We pride ourselves on having total focus on you – listening to your requirements and tailoring our services specifically to suit your needs.


Expertise through experience
To ensure you always get a consistently great service, every- thing we do is provided in house by our own people, 24/7/365. here where ever you are in the world you will always get to speak to a familiar helpful member of our team.


Comprehensive range of services
We use our vast experience to negotiate great fares and rates on your behalf. We have real time access to all the best air- fares and hotel rates in Ireland and Worldwide. We can book all travel related services including flights, hotel, rail , car hire, ground transportation, chauffeurs and airport parking.



Technology must have a purpose and benefit for the core stakeholders, including the Travel Manager/CFO/travel arranger and the traveller.


Tully’s Travel focus on the three main areas:

  • Before Travel – online booking tools, lowest fares and hotel discount programmes.
  • During the trip –  mobile applications and risk management
  • After the trip – global data consolidation and online reporting.


  • Savings Tully's Travel optimise the corporate client's travel programme in order to obtain deeper savings through three core areas: Process Sourcing Booking and fulfillment We wor
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  • Our Understanding of Corporate Travel Requirements: Corporate clients require a travel provider to fulfil their worldwide, often complex and constantly changing travel needs. Reservations ne
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  • On-Line Booking Tool - Concur Concur - it is a real time, web-based booking and scheduling system with an integrated expense management system. We will work in partnership with your compan
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  • Travel Manager When managing corporate travel, compliance while having an effortless and productive travel experience for your employees is a must. Concur will allow you to set up unique rules and po
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  • Day and night access to your dedicated team, no matter where in the world you are. Risk Management Security and safety of the traveller is our primary concern; However, unf
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